Social media monitoring or listening to social media conversations

Every business whether they are currently involved with social media or not shouldsocial media monitoring have a

Are you listening to the social media conversations?

procedure in place to monitor or listen to social media conversations that their customers or potential customers are having about their brand or products.

Social media monitoring in the UK is still fairly new but here are 6 reasons why you should be listening:

1. To find new customers – by searching for the conversations around your brand/product you will identify potential customers who are asking their friends/followers for advice about a potential purchase.

2. To identify key influencers / thought leaders in your industry sector – who are the key individuals who are talking about the issues that your company can solve, or who are likely to make recommendations to potential customers.

3. Contribute to the relevant social media conversations – people will be talking about you, can you start to listen in to these conversations and then when appropriate contribute to the conversation, ask questions or point them to other relevant content.

4. Identify happy customers – if you find a happy customer talking positively about your brand – thank them, and then try to keep the conversation going by asking their opinion about why they liked your product, what made them decide to purchase your product.

5. Identify unhappy customers – this allows you the chance to solve their problem and turn them into a happier customer. If you don’t know what they are saying because you are not in the social media monitoring space then you could be loosing customers.

6. Identify useful content to share with your customer or future customers.

There are range of social media monitoring tools – some are free such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck for the functionality that most business need to start with through to those with a small monthly fee such as Splashcube that not only monitors conversations but makes recommendations for your activity on social media in order to maximise your coverage.




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